How to last longer in bed? Tips, pills, exercises and guides

pills to last longer in bed  How to last longer in bed? Tips, pills, exercises and guides

Males start thinking how to last longer in bed often when sex lasts too long to call it pre­ma­ture ejac­u­la­tion but its length doesn’t sat­isfy at least one of the part­ners. Fast orgasm is not a dis­ease but should be corrected.

It’s always pos­si­ble to help man with such kind of problem. If the exact rea­sons are not found you’d bet­ter to fol­low the gen­eral rec­om­men­da­tions to pro­long sexual intercourse:

1. Last longer pills

Use pills like Duramale. A couple of pills can help you to gain more control and to last much longer. Read my Duramale review.

2. Desen­si­tiz­ing

Use Ben­zo­caine­ containing topical creams that reduce penile sen­sitivity for the time of inter­course. Ben­zo­caine is FDA approved and effec­tively helps to reduce sen­si­tiv­ity. Pay attention to ENLAST cream cream with Ben­zo­caine, it has lots of good reviews among men.

3. Exer­cises

If you have patience and time then try Kegel’s exercises. Kegel’s may help you to “under­stand” your body bet­ter and to train the mus­cles involved in the process of ejaculation.

4. Quick Fixes

  • how to last longer in bed  How to last longer in bed? Tips, pills, exercises and guidesHere is the first simple tip — put on a condom. It  immediately reduces stimulation to your penis, and also is the must-​​have safety measure.
  •  Slow down. Decreased stimulation of your penis may help you not to stop intercourse. Try also grinding your hips and wiggling your pelvic bone. As the result — even more reduced stimulation of your penis while still stimulating her.
  • Switch the position — have her on top. From this position you will be be less stimulated and will be able to regain control.
  • By making sure that she has an orgasm first, a lot of the pressure will be released. Focus on your sexual partner first before worrying about your person. This will allow you to reduce tension, which can affect how quickly you have an orgasm.

While none of these quick-​​fixes are long-​​term solutions, they can help men to control their arousal. When it comes to quick-​​fix techniques, these are nothing compared to the 18 quick-​​fix techniques and other information I’ve found in the Ejaculation Trainer e-​​book.

4. How to last longer in bed without pills — E-​​books

There are sev­eral sites that provide complete step by step guides. The most pop­u­lar and respec­tive are Ejaculation By Command from Lloyd Lester and Ejaculation Trainer from Matt Gor­den. Both web­sites have impressive ~100000 ranks (this means that approx. 4–5 thou­sands of men visit each of that web­sites every day.) Both provide money-​​back and bonuses but I can’t really com­pare them because I’ve got just Ejaculation Trainer so far. Over­all I can say that Ejaculation Trainer is worth its value. I can con­fi­dently rec­om­mend you getting this book if you really aim to get rid of P.E. once and for all or just look for a guide how to prolong sexual intercourse.

5. Cir­cum­ci­sion

If you are not cir­cum­cised — ask your doc­tor about it. After this procedure you will be able to last up to 2–3 times longer in bed.